AI Deduplication: How to get a true Customer 360

Duplicate data is not a new problem to Salesforce users, however today’s data-driven businesses and customer expectations have resulted in bringing new costs and negative implications to bad or duplicated data. Simply, we need to eliminate all duplicates to achieve the true Customer 360.

Managing duplicates is challenging and can be very tedious. In-house features come with limitations. 3rd party solutions only provide snapshot solutions. Join Chethan and Bryce to learn how advances in AI and Automation can be leveraged to resolve your duplicate problem and enable a proactive duplicate management process.

Register for this webinar if you want to learn about:

  • detecting 100% of duplicate data (Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opps, Cases)
  • automating or mass merging detected duplicates in real time
  • communicate or sync across your tech stack or other databases with Flows


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