Delpha Raises $1 Million Pre-Seed Round to Augment Salesforce Users with an AI Assistant

Published by Maï Mirbeau-Baudin on October 12, 2022

PARIS (March 10, 2022) – Delpha, a human augmentation solution for Salesforce users, announced today a successful pre-seed investment round of $1M with BPI and seasoned angel investors such as former Executive Vice President of Salesforce France and Southern Europe Olivier Derrien, former CEO of Microsoft Europe Eric Boustouller, Christophe Chausson, SuperCapital and Alexandre Ichaï.

“Bad data is the villain of today’s data-driven businesses who are trying to achieve success in new digital strategies and transformations. Our mission is to augment everyone involved in the business pipeline with the superpowers they need to eliminate inefficiencies caused by bad data via intelligent detection, recommended actions and automation,” said Delpha CEO Germain Bourgeois.


Human Augmentation is the Next Step for Success in a New Digital-First World

Founded in 2020 by Germain Bourgeois, Paul Santini and Bryce Jones, Delpha is an AI solution built in Salesforce that augments users to improve data quality and enables better and faster decision-making for increased productivity and effectiveness. 

“I only invest in companies that address a significant problem with an innovative solution and an effective team. I’ve invested before in Germain and have complete faith in his expertise, leadership and ability to execute,” said Christophe Chausson. “Delpha is going to be a game-changer for data-driven businesses and I’m excited to be a part of their journey.”

Data quality is a key determinant of the success of data platforms such as Salesforce to provide the accurate 360-view of the customer data. However, bad data distorts this view and results in significant financial losses from decreased productivity to missed opportunities, failed data-driven projects and damaged brand reputation.

“I’m truly inspired by Delpha’s vision to unleash the true potential of augmented employees. Data quality and its impact on productivity and business operations remains a challenge for every hyper growth business especially in today’s data-rich, digital-first world. During my 10+ years of experience with Salesforce, I saw lack of data quality as the first obstacle for Salesforce clients to maximize their return on investment,” said Olivier Derrien. “I’m excited to join the team as an external advisor and bring my experience and passion for the Customer 360 to help Delpha build the world’s best human augmentation solution.”


AI Assistant Brings Actionable Insights and Solutions to the User in Real-Time

Delpha analyzes user context, synthesizes multi-sourced data, and automates solution execution. Instead of taking a rules-based approach to data quality, Delpha engages with the end user by accurately and efficiently detecting the problems, displaying relevant information and analysis inside a convenient UI, and offering solutions that can be executed without needing to leave the page that is being worked on.

“Delpha is raising the bar for what businesses can achieve in employee productivity and business success. Their innovative solution, lean design, and talented team are going to pave the way for great accomplishments. I’m honored to join the team and work with them to fulfill their vision of deploying AI to not replace, but to empower people and improve our daily work lives,” said Eric Boustouller.

Delpha is currently available on the Salesforce marketplace and further information can be found here:


Salesforce AppExchange:

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About Delpha

Ranked as a Great Place to Work 2022 and one of the Future40 startups at Station F (World’s largest incubator), Delpha is a growing startup who is passionate about innovation and augmenting employees with AI solutions to improve data quality and productivity for better business performance.


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