Delpha's Chethan Kumar will share how Salesforce admins can improve data quality and productivity inside Salesforce.

During this 20-min session for Salesforce Admins, we will quickly go through three sections:

1. Data Quality Challenges and Key Dimensions - we are going to dive into the data quality pains that Salesforce admins are confronted with on a daily basis and share some best practices that admins can implement today to improve data quality.

2. Delpha Product Demo - we will then run through a quick demo of our AI Conversational platform inside Salesforce (we're an ISV partner!) to show how AI and machine learning can augment all of your Salesforce users with actionable insights to achieve data excellence for the entire company. 

3. Live Q&A - lastly we will save time to go through any questions you brought to the webinar in advance or ones that came up during the session.

With Delpha, users get personalized recommendations with actionable insights to improve data quality in real time eliminating productivity frictions caused by bad data. We want to alleviate your data quality headaches and help you refine your data to enjoy the new business value associated with having good (actionable) data.